Robert Christensen

Hello! I’m a game programmer. Primarily focused on systems and content authoring tools, well-versed in many other areas.

About Me

I build modular systems that can be dropped into any project, that make it easy to create content without much (or any) code, and that can be easily extended/modified to fit a project’s needs. I have a broad comfort zone that includes low-level engine programming, UI and tools, player-facing features such as 3C and AI, and networking.

The systems I’ve built include:

  • An AI steering framework suitable for both real-time and turn-based gameplay
  • An event-and-hook system that expedited creating complex combat interactions in 2 solo projects, inspired by Guava
  • An item system building functionality using modular properties
  • A visual narrative scripting system that supports branching, playing animations, and Cinemachine

Since I was about 7 I’ve been teaching myself programming from documentation, plenty of experimentation, and reading others’ code. While that time isn’t the same as industry experience, it has given me a deep understanding of algorithmic thinking, and a thorough command of software design patterns. I also have experience making games on a team from my time at Champlain College.

I’m always happy to branch out and learn more about other disciplines of programming or the technical sides of other fields. I like to plan far ahead, using past experience to avoid pitfalls, but I can iterate quickly as well.

Core technical skills