Platformer analysis: Generating graphs for pathfinding

Overview To create this algorithm, I first looked at how NavMeshes work. We can’t add all possible points on the mesh, since those are effectively infinite, so instead we simplify polygons into single nodes, and connect those that have a common edge. After processing this with our pathfinder, we can interpolate the details. Simplifying this … Read more

Devlog: Dialogue system in Unity

Whether in games or more traditional media, it’s hard to tell a story without any verbal or written interaction. Oxford Languages defines a conversation as “a talk […] between two or more people.” To decompose this into something more technical: A conversation is a sequence of exchanged words between two or more participants. Unity provides … Read more

Devlog: Physics-based character controller

Like many systems, the systems by which a player moves have facets and layers of complexity, built on a layer of physics such as gravity and collision response. For the most basic implementation, the collision response facet is matched by a movement facet that turns input directly into in-world horizontal motion, after scaling by some … Read more