Hot reloading: polymorphism

Hot reloading has many problems to solve, but its most fundamental is correcting pointers to avoid the dreaded SEGFAULT. In this deep dive: vptrs, compiler design, and deducing object memory layouts.

Devlog: Dialogue system in Unity

Whether in games or more traditional media, it’s hard to tell a story without any verbal or written interaction. Oxford Languages defines a conversation as “a talk […] between two or more people.” To decompose this into something more technical: A conversation is a sequence of exchanged words between two or more participants. Unity provides … Read more

Devlog: Physics-based character controller

Like many systems, the systems by which a player moves have facets and layers of complexity, built on a layer of physics such as gravity and collision response. For the most basic implementation, the collision response facet is matched by a movement facet that turns input directly into in-world horizontal motion, after scaling by some … Read more