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Robert Christensen

Experienced Unity, Unreal, and C++ game engineer, passionate about versatile systems and easy-to-use tools that empower teammates to bring their visions to life. Bringing over 11 years of programming expertise, including 3 years of hands-on industry-equivalent experience; adept in engine development, gameplay, AI, and animation programming.


Languages: C#, C++, Python, Java, C, GLSL

Tools & Technologies: Unity, Git, Unreal Engine 5, CMake, Jira, Agile/Scrum, OpenGL, SDL2, SVN

Abilities & Interests: Engine development, content authoring tools, event-driven architectures, plugin/mod support, scalability, technical & user documentation


Bachelor’s in Game Programming | May 2023 | Champlain College, Burlington, VT
Prototyped 12+ games with small interdisciplinary Agile teams, with scopes ranging from 1-8 months. Primarily used Unity/C# or C++, with some Unreal, SDL, Java, and C. Coursework included AI for games, physics, networking, engines, realtime rendering, animation programming, and general software architecture.


Sanable Engine
C++/CMake | Independent | Jan 2023-Current
A game engine focusing on hot-reloadable plugins for rapid iteration.

  • Compiles cross-platform to desktop and web via Emscripten to WebAssembly.
  • Builds on STIX to repair objects corrutped by reload, and to optimize CPU cache using type-aware memory pooling and arbitrary message dispatch (such as tick/draw call batching).
  • Subproject: Sanable TypeInfo Extensions (STIX) | C++/Python/CMake
    C++ reflection system inspired by the Unreal Header Tool and the C# reflection API. Generates data using Libclang and live bytecode analysis, while remaining compiler-agnostic, non-intrusive, and standard-compliant. Configurable at global scope or per-class. Integrates with CMake.

Adjunct Instructor (Version Control & Build)
Champlain College | Jan-May 2024

  • Acted as on-call support for over 600 students’ repos, performing audits by instructor request.
  • Prepared over 25 pieces of instructional material for Git and SVN as the Game Studio migrated to the Atlassian stack, primarily regarding setup, workflow, and best practices.
  • Developed a repository to teach and destigmatize merge conflicts by producing specific types of conflicts in 15+ guided environments.

Systems & AI Programmer – Unnamed Hack-and-Slash
Unreal 5 (Blueprint) | Team of 8 | Dec 2023-Current
A wave-based hack-and-slash prototype.

  • Collaborated with the design team to create over 15 upgrades and a configurable reward system.
  • Developed a hook-based combat backend to support complex upgrade behaviors, using a modified version of the Gameplay Message Subsystem.
  • Delivered AI agents with melee, ranged, and support capabilities, as well as reusable components to easily author more using Unreal’s behavior trees.

Item Anvil
Unity/C# | Independent | Feb-Jul 2023
A highly customizable RPG-style item ecosystem, published on the Unity Asset Store.

  • Low-code drag-and-drop workflow built on ScriptableObjects, adding composable behavior to items and inventories alike with component-like properties.
  • Expressive scripting grammar centered around hooks.
  • Many utility properties provided, such as stack size control and inventory auto-expand.
  • Extensively tested: 85% code coverage of core module.

Lead Programmer – That Potato Game
Unity/C# | Team of 12 | Sep 2022-May 2023

  • Led a team of 3 programmers, consulting on weekly and long-term scope and ensuring clean lines of communication.
  • Built tools for designers to easily author dialogue and achievements, and integrate them with minimal glue code.
  • Frequently collaborated/consulted on features such as abilities, working with over half the team over the course of the project. Additionally created UI, analytics tools, and Jenkins build server.

Game History Teaching Collection | Sep 2019-May 2023

  • Developed and streamlined archival pipelines, and wrote documentation for safely handling and operating these historical artifacts.
  • Managed a team of 3-6 archivists.
  • Worked with product owner to build backlogs and realistic timelines.
  • Created a testing tool to automate verifying the status of emulation setups and ROMs.

Network & UI Programmer – Black White Red
Unity/C# | Team of 8 | May-Aug 2022
An FPS with capture-the-flag elements.

  • Built a predict-rollback system using Netcode for GameObjects to support smooth player movement, hit detection, and host authoritative anticheat.
  • UI work included kill feed, match management, and goal scoring.

Systems Programmer – Pumpkin Pals
Unity/C# | Team of 11 | Feb-May 2022

  • Created no-code systems supporting items, missions, and branching/looping dialogue, as well as UI for each including tooltips.
  • Served as build engineer, source control manager, and testing liaison.

Unity/C# | Team of 5 | Jan-Feb 2022
Tower defense with an open field.

  • Prototyped gridded building, and a callback-based interaction system for building management.
  • Created a flexible AI framework covering steering, pathfinding, and targeting, capable of unsupervised learning. Shared both by turrets and enemies.
  • Delivered a hook-based combat system supported by a Guava-style event bus.
  • Developed an asynchronous flow field algorithm updating only stale graph nodes, providing performant pathfinding for hordes of enemy AI.

Unity/C# | Individual Class Project | Feb 2022
A component-based context map steering framework.

  • Implemented wander, obstacle avoidance, and flocking algorithms.
  • Created a system for fully-unsupervised tuning based on reinforcement learning principles.

Game Physics
Unity/C# | Individual Class Project | Aug-Dec 2021

  • Developed a multithreaded data-oriented physics engine, using a minimal amount of Unity’s built-in tools.
  • Used the Entity Component System and Data Oriented Tech Stack for rigid-body kinematics and collision response.

General Purpose Character & Combat Framework
Unity/C# | Independent Project | Sep-Nov 2021
A pair of character controller frameworks.

  • Created an animation-driven character controller suited for fighting games and other complex inputs, and a script-driven controller suited for RPGs and complex interactions.
  • Developed a toolset that displays acceleration curves and can predict jump paths and timings, aiding in level design.
  • Developed an event-based combat system that would later become SharpHooks.

Game Architecture
C++ | Individual Class Project | Jan-May 2021
A game framework in C++ using SDL2/Allegro.

  • Used RAII for dynamic module management, asset streaming, and dependency resolution.
  • Created an input system posting both to callbacks and an event bus.

Graphics Programming
GLSL | Class Project | Nov-Dec 2020

  • Used compute and geometry shaders to implement vertex buffer based particle systems.
  • Explored approximating volume density using additive-blended particles on a color ramp to create fire.
  • Delivered a volumetric raymarcher for rendering fractal noise fog.

Independent Project in Game Development
Java | Independent Project | Mar-Jul 2016

  • Created a modular magic system plugin using combo-style selection controls for Bukkit/Minecraft.
  • Spells dynamically reassignable using reflection to enable user addition of custom spells.

Java | Independent Project | Jan-Apr 2016

  • Bukkit plugin with over 4000 downloads, peaking at 350/month.
  • Allows users to bind commands to items, executed on various triggers. Can be given cooldowns, durability, and sound effects.
  • Iterates on the previous idea of powertools by the Essentials team.