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Robert S. Christensen

Burlington, VT / Austin, TX

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Education and Awards

Champlain College, Burlington, VT — 2019-current / Anticipated graduation May 2023

  • Bachelor of Science — Game Programming

Headwaters School, Austin, TX — 2013-2019 / Graduated magna cum laude May 24th, 2019

  • Headwaters School Honor Roll — 8th-12th Grade
  • Distinction in Science — 12th Grade

Relevant Technical Skills

  • Java — 9 years, Fluent
  • C# — 6 years, Fluent
  • Unity — 6 years, Proficient
  • C++ — 3 years, Mostly fluent
  • Python — 5 years, Somewhat proficient
  • Git SCM — 3 years, Somewhat proficient
  • Graphics Programming — 3 years, Somewhat proficient
  • CMake — 2 years, Somewhat proficient

Strengths: interface-based architecture, polymorphism, generics, reflection, decoupling patterns, event-based design, data-oriented design, inheritance, abstraction, component-oriented design, inspector/tools programming, object lifecycle management, RAII, templating, modern STL, functional programming, parallelization, multithreading, GLSL, Vulkan, mesh generation/manipulation, automation, build and pipeline scripting

Work Experience

Game History Archivist — Burlington, VT
Sep 2019-Current — Avg. 10 hours per week

Team of 2-4 working to restore old game consoles, digitize and emulate ROMs, write user guides for the physical and digital playing of games, and make all the above freely available to students for recreational and educational use.

Black White Red Team of 8
Jun-Aug 2022 (10 weeks) — Avg. 10 hours per week
Network and UI programmer for a fast-paced PvP FPS. Built a rollback system from scratch to support player movement, projectile and raycast hit detection, visual smoothing, and host-authoritative anticheat. UI work included kill feed, match management, and goal scoring.

Pumpkin Pals — Team of 11
Mar-May 2022 (8 weeks) — Avg. 12 hours per week
Systems/UI programmer for a farming game with narrative elements. Created an item system, mission system, dialogue system with branching and looping support, and tooltip system. Also served as build engineer, source control manager, and testing liaison.

Lanternbound Team of 5
Jan-Mar 2022 (2.5 weeks) — 55 hours total
Solo programmer for a survival horror tower defense prototype. Created a callback-based interaction system, grid-based building and pathfinding, combat system, and AI steering and targeting, all supported by a Guava-style event bus.

Adv. Seminar in Game AI — Individual Class Project
Jan-Feb 2022 (2 weeks) — Est. 25 hours total
Developed a component-based context map steering framework. Implemented wander, obstacle avoidance, and flocking algorithms. Created a system for fully-unsupervised tuning based on reinforcement learning principles.

Game Physics — Individual Class Project
Sep-Dec 2021 (15 weeks) — Avg. 8 hours per week
Developed a multithreaded data-oriented physics engine in Unity. Used ECS for rigid-body kinematics and Jobs for collision response.

General Purpose Character Framework — Independent Project
May-Nov 2021 (22 weeks) — Avg. 15 hours per week

Developed a pair of character controller frameworks: one animation-driven and suited for fighting games; and one script-driven suited for RPGs. Developed a related toolset that displays acceleration curves and can predict jump paths and timings, to reduce level design time. Developed a related event-based combat system.

Game Architecture — Individual Class Project
Jan-May 2021 (15 weeks) — Avg. 12 hours per week
Developed a game framework in C++ using SDL2/Allegro. Used RAII for dynamic module management, asset streaming, and dependency resolution. Created an input system posting both to callbacks and an event bus.

Imperium — Independent Project
Aug-Nov 2020 (9 weeks) — Avg. 8 hours per week
Developed a game framework for Bukkit (Java), based on Unity engine. Worked on core ticker and renderer, error handling, debugging tools, utilities, and networking.

Graphics Programming — Class Project
Nov-Dec 2020 (5 weeks) — 55 hours total
Explored rendering volumes using raymarching, or approximating density using additive-blended particles on a color ramp. Applied to clouds/exhaust, fire, and fractal noise fog.

Project Perception — Team of 11
Jan-Jul 2020 (20 weeks) — Avg. 6 hours per week

Collaborative development of a 2.5D game with combat focus. Worked on goal-oriented AI, dialogue system, tools, and event-driven combat system.

Independent Project in Game Development — Austin, TX
2016-2017 (16 weeks) — 2 hours per week
Using the Bukkit framework, created a modular magic system plugin using combo-style selection controls for Minecraft. Spells dynamically reassignable using reflection to enable user addition of custom spells.

Independent Project in Game Development — Austin, TX
2016 (15 weeks) —
40+ hours
Using the Bukkit framework, created a system in Minecraft to give items commands executed on various triggers, and durability when used in this way.