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Robert Christensen

C# and C++ generalist game programmer with a knack for scalable features and easy-to-use systems that empower teammates to bring their visions to life. 3 years industry-equivalent experience, 9+ years programming. Broad comfort range including engine/low-level, gameplay, usability, and AI.


Strong in: C#, C++, Unity, Git, Java, Events/Hooks. Adept at breaking down features, futureproofing, and building content authoring tools. Worked on Agile/Scrum teams.

Additional experience with: Python, CMake, C, Unreal Engine 4 & 5, GLSL, UML, SVN.


Bachelor’s in Game Programming | May 2023 | Champlain College, Burlington, VT
Prototyped 12+ projects with small interdisciplinary Agile teams, with development times ranging from 4 weeks to 2 semesters. Primarily used Unity or C++, with some SDL, Unreal, Java, and C.

Work Experience

Archivist – Game History Teaching Collection | Sep 2019-May 2023 (4 years)
Developed and streamlined archival pipelines. Managed a team of 3-6 archivists. Worked with product owner to build backlogs and realistic timelines. Created a testing tool to automate verifying the status of emulation setups and ROMs. Wrote documentation for safely handling and operating these historical artifacts.

Lead Programmer That Potato Game | Team of 12 | 26 weeks | Unity
Led a team of 3 programmers, frequently collaborating/consulting on features such as squish, grab, and electricity mechanics. Built tools for designers to easily author dialogue and achievements with minimal glue code. Created UI, analytics tools, Jenkins build server. Worked with the team to refine vision, adjust scope, and ensure clean lines of communication.

Network & UI Programmer – Black White Red | Team of 8 | 10 weeks | Unity
Built predict-rollback using NGO to support smooth player movement, hit detection, and host authoritative anticheat. UI work included kill feed, match management, and goal scoring.

Systems Programmer – Pumpkin Pals | Team of 11 | 8 weeks | Unity
Created no-code systems supporting items, missions, and branching/looping dialogue, as well as UI for each including tooltips. Also served as build engineer, source control manager, and testing liaison.

Lanternbound | Team of 5 | 2.5 weeks | Unity
Prototyped all gameplay and systems, including a callback-based interaction system, gridded building, and combat system, all supported by a Guava-style event bus. Developed reusable AI steering, pathfinding, and targeting shared both by turrets and enemies.

Adv. Seminar in Game AI | Individual Class Project | 2 weeks | Unity
Developed a component-based context map steering framework. Implemented wander, obstacle avoidance, and flocking algorithms. Created a system for fully-unsupervised tuning based on reinforcement learning principles.

Game Physics | Individual Class Project | 15 weeks | Unity
Developed a multithreaded data-oriented physics engine, using a minimal amount of Unity’s built-in tools. Used ECS for rigid-body kinematics and Jobs for collision response.

General Purpose Character & Combat Framework | Independent Project | 22 weeks | Unity
Developed a pair of character controller frameworks: one animation-driven and suited for fighting games; and one script-driven suited for RPGs. Developed a related toolset that displays acceleration curves and can predict jump paths and timings, to reduce level design time. Developed a related event-based combat system.

Game Architecture | Individual Class Project | 15 weeks | C++
Developed a game framework in C++ using SDL2/Allegro. Used RAII for dynamic module management, asset streaming, and dependency resolution. Created an input system posting both to callbacks and an event bus.

Programmer – Imperium | Team of 8 | 9 weeks | Java
Developed a game framework building on Bukkit (Java), taking reference from Unity engine. Worked on core ticker and renderer, error handling, debugging tools, utilities, and networking.

Graphics Programming | Class Project | 5 weeks | GLSL
Explored rendering volumes using raymarching, or approximating density using additive-blended particles on a color ramp. Applied to clouds/exhaust, fire, and fractal noise fog.

Independent Project in Game Development | Independent Project | 16 weeks | Java
Using the Bukkit framework, created a modular magic system plugin using combo-style selection controls for Minecraft. Spells dynamically reassignable using reflection to enable user addition of custom spells.

LimitedPowerTools | Independent Project | 15 weeks | Java
Using the Bukkit framework, created a system in Minecraft to give items commands executed on various triggers, and durability when used in this way. Over 4000 downloads, peaking at about 350/month.